A Secret of Slimming


Doctors say that, in order to lose weight a personalized diet is necessary and also a lot of physical exercise. But the nutritional counsel does not limit just to the ingested calories; this is also about advices on the lifestyle. The objective is to change the feeding habits of the clients and replace them with […]

Some Tips for Vinegar Usage


Cleans Glass. Mixed with water or simply sprayed full-strength on glass and mirrors, vinegar does a great job quickly and easily. Simply wipe windows dry with crumpled-up newspapers and watch your windows sparkle. Clean your car. Use it full-strength to polish car chrome with a cloth and see it shine! Use it on your car’s […]


This is the trailer for the new HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE has been released in Japan, featuring an intro from Daniel Radcliffe. The Japanese trailer come from Trailer Addict. It can be found HERE, or viewed via the embed that I have!

Try Exercise Before Breakfast!


Basically, if you exercise before breakfast in the morning, it will burn purely fat as we don’t take any food yet. The concept is simple. Your last meal should be your dinner or supper. After your dinner or supper you might have good sleep. During your sleeping period, your body slowly digest your food. During […]

WW: at the countryside

Hello guys! This is my first entry also for wordlesswednesday and I do hope I can submit more pictures in my dailly adveture. But, before that I am bringing with me this picture taken at the countryside. Well, can you imagine the dailly in that place? That’s it for now! Hope you like it and […]